Thursday, 6 September 2012

How am I doing?

Some of the questions that most of us wonder is:

How is my investment style doing?
Am I doing well?
Am I happy with my returns?

Of late those questions have been on my mind. I have every confidence with the style of investing that I have settled on. This style suits my mindset perfectly in my mind. I pick good dividend stocks with good secondary numbers and DRIP the heck out them to leverage the power of compounding.

However the logical part of myself had to ask:

"Sure your happy with the style of investing, but is it working?"

I had to know. I went back over all my statements and complied the results from the time when I started to actively manage my own investments.

The results are in:

2010 - 21.76%
2011 - 9.78%
2012(so far) - 29.79%

For a to date total annualized return of 19.06%

I guess the results so far have to be a very emphatic "Yes" to all the above questions.

I will stay the course! :-)

This was done using the very handy XIRR function of Excel - very cool. With a little time and effort I was able to put together a spreadsheet with which I will keep an ongoing tally of my progress.

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